How to Prepare for Your First Ever Dance Class!

Mar 6th, 2017

I’ve been a dancer for as long as I can remember. It’s had such a positive impact on my life that I can’t talk about it enough! I’m always encouraging other people to use dance to better their lives as well. 

I get asked all the time, “What do we bring to a dance class? I’ve never danced before – what will the class be like? Do I have to know how to dance?” 

Here’s how you can prepare for your first class:

Dress comfortably.

Nothing is worse than showing up to your first dance class while wearing something so tight and uncomfortable that you can’t move! All of my dancer friends always stress how important it is to be comfortable for dance and they’re right! 

L-R: Ivy Park sports bra |Nike crop top |Free People Motion leggings

Depending on the dance class, you might be stretching or jumping — or both! Dance is about unrestricted movement so wear something that allows you to do just that. I’m loving the Ivy Park sports bra, Nike crop top, and Free People Motion leggings

Have some snacks.

Dancing takes a lot of energy so I’d highly recommend eating a granola bar 30 minutes before the class or right after. Make sure you have something that doesn’t have too much sugar — I love dried apricots because they’re so filling and delicious.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! 

You’re going to be moving – a lot! Even though the class is only 1 hour, make sure you have your trusty water bottle to keep you hydrated. This way, you’ll stay refreshed and energized for the whole class! This Kate Spade glass water bottle is great – it’s BPA-free so it’s safe to use and looks super cute. 

Be prepared to make mistakes!

I know so many people who get discouraged after their dance class because they’re expecting to be perfect. The truth is, practice makes perfect in dance (and in life)! Take it from someone who has made mistakes in front of millions of TV viewers on Dancing with the Stars! Be prepared to make mistakes, take the wrong step, or clap at the wrong time. Just give it time and you’ll be dancing to the rhythm in no time!

Have fun!

It’s okay to be nervous for your first class but you’re there to have fun — talk to someone new, put a smile on, and just let go. 

I can’t wait until my dance studio launches and we start our classes! Have you read about all the classes we’ll be offering? 

What are you looking forward to in your first dance class?



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