Kym Johnson’s 5678 Fitness

Personally designed by Kym Johnson, a 3-time Dancing with the Stars champion, this Cardio-Latin dance program combines high energy dance routines and a total body workout that will help you sculpt and tone the dancer’s body you’re looking for. You’ll learn how to Jive, Samba, Salsa, and Cha-cha your way to your fittest body yet! In addition, the 5678 Fitness program will also teach you how Kym eats and trains when she’s not performing so you can start achieving your personal fitness goals today! Keep yourself on track with your fitness objectives by using key resources like the 5678 Fitness System Calendar and Nutritional Guide. The 5678 Fitness plan teaches everyone to use any space they have available for quick and fun home workouts. Paired with Kym’s new book, The 5678 Diet, readers will learn to make simple changes in their everyday diet that are easy to adapt into their busy lives! The key to home workouts is to keep yourself motivated enough and with the 5678 Fitness plan, getting fit has never been more fun and easy!

It’s time to start moving and start loving life!


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